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People talk about the ‘Great Outdoors’, where they go for fresh air. But we know that people really spend most of their time indoors- almost 90% of their time in fact.  And people are consuming things they cannot see such as fine dust or potential VOC’s from paints, plastics, etc.  This leads us to ask: How can we make floors healthier for people? How can we create the ‘Great Indoors’?

Multan Carpet Industries (MCI) was established with an aim to meet the ever-increasing demand for natural carpets in the world. It has developed a reputation as a quality manufacturer of premier quality luxury WOOLEN woven carpets for both residential and commercial use.

Now MCI is a leading “fleece to carpet” manufacturer and exporter of premier quality luxury Woolen woven carpets in Pakistan. It procures, scours, cards, and spins quality wool to produce its own desired quality yarn. It has both stock and yarn dyeing systems. It weaves its own quality yarn to produce high-quality luxurious carpets of fast colors and designs of choice. All carpets and rugs are made up of wool yarn woven in traditional Wilton and Ax minster weaves producing the most durable carpets and rugs in beautiful plain colors and delicate designs.

Wool is a naturally renewable resource. It is purely human and environment friendly and totally biodegradable. It is naturally flame-retardant, naturally anti-static, extremely resilient, provides thermal insulation, ensures indoor air purity by absorbing potential VOCs. It’s a perfect mix of natural performance, strength, and comfort that makes it an ideal choice for the interior of homes, offices, hotels, mosques, and other indoor public places.

Continuous research and development at MCI ensure that it is able to develop high-quality natural carpets with an ever-increasing product portfolio. MCI always keeps its customer requirements in mind and try to meet those by developing innovative and eco-friendly natural carpets and rugs.


To be the world leader in manufacturing environment friendly flooring products that deliver real value to the people in terms of functionality, comfort and design along with contributing to their health and well being.


Our mission is to develop unique premier healthy flooring products that deliver luxury along with an improved indoor environment that maximizes people’s health and wellbeing and ultimately their performance.


Our strategic objective is to be the world’s best provider of healthy and inspiring working and living spaces in the world through innovative healthy flooring solutions.

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