B-1002 (Brown/Greige)


MCI Code : B-1002 (Brown/Greige)
Construction : Woven Axminster
Pile content : 100% Undyed Wool
Height : 15-16.5 mm
Weight : 3200-3750 gm/m²
Width : 1 Foot 
Backing: Cotton & Jute, Preserved with Natural Latex
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  • This Natural Border has Extreme Luxury, Ultimate Thickness and Utmost Density.
  • This Natural Border is WOVEN In WORLD’S MOST DURABLE Carpet weave to produce a lifetime quality Border.
  • This Natural Border has Very long life; you will be able to pass your woolen Border down to your children and grandchildren. A unique spiral crimp built into wool fiber gives it a natural bounce-back ability resulting in strong dimensional stability and abrasion resistance. So the wool fibers do not get flat or hard for years.
  • Woolen Border contribute to air purity by absorbing & filtering VOC’s . They greatly improves the Indoor air quality by purifying it. Dust mites do not stick with wool and easily removed by vacuuming. It supports best vacuuming functionality.
  • Woolen Border are naturally anti-static..
  • Care Instructions: Vacuum regularly. Avoid exposure to sunlight. A new woolen Border contains some short fibers which will be removed by vacuuming in the first few months.
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